Goals for 2018

  • Explore and report on feasibility of interoperability of heterogeneous hardware mesh like Gotenna, Serval mesh extender, and Sonnet Labs mesh.
  • Explore and encourage interconnectivity between smart devices and CB, FRS, GMRS, Ham radio repeaters.
  • Explore and report on feasibility of e.g. Built on Gotenna(R) SDK and BridgeFy(R) SDK /OpenGarden SDK, Serval Mesh, Batphone universal, Spot, Garmin inreach satphone explorer, plug-in interoperability for nonprofit, ngo, emergency mesh repeater software / app development.
  • Explore and report on feasibility of 3G/4G advertising/Mesh w/ Qualcomm.
  • Explore and report on feasibility of Gotenna bluetooth 1:M M:M IoT bluetooth low energy mesh (BLEmesh) to extend use-cases.
  • Explore lobbying/ comment/ review/ amicus brief/ whitehat trolling/griefing potential for nonprofit standards-based open communication and infrastructure resiliency (e.g. mesh, FM radio, batteries…)
  • Explore and promote e.g. solar, wind, geothermal… low-yield options for emergency / disaster power options.
  • Foster student innovation / scholarships / grants / hackathon collaborative / competitions.
  • Manage, direct, and mentor collegiate-level computer science student intern/externships regarding mesh, ad-hoc communications.
  • Liaise with community, church, municipal, state, and local to teach / help introduce alternative communication technologies.

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