We could really use an update on the 300+ Gotenna donated to Puerto Rico. I politely asked for an update on their forum at imeshyou.com and they not only deleted my post, but my whole account. We raised $20,000 in donations in the expectation that this gotenna network was going to be built up for first responders, ngos, and communities to use. It makes it very difficult for first responders to use and supplement if they aren’t going to publish the locations of the powered relay nodes (even approximate locations would have been helpful months ago – as cell service in areas like Utuado, Lares, Morovis are only now starting to come back). We’ve offered to help for the past four months and been spurned at every occasion. We only see 6 or so of the 300+ emergency gotenna relay nodes on the map (and they are all focused around San Juan). This product works, but GoTenna act like little faschists. I would expect more from a company that has taken millions in taxpayer funds. Yet they refuse to open-source, refuse to interoperate or cooperate with other mesh hardware/software products, refuse to provide transparency or openness on community funded nodes, refuse to commit to the defend the spirit of free speech (even on a taxpayer funded network). Love and respect… but becoming bittersweet.


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