Update 2 Gotenna Emergency Beacon 5.0 update issues.

TLDR Gotenna Update 5.0 7/13/2018 issues review 2 after 12 hours:

  1. Update not working with some devices;
  2. Firmware not updating on some devices;
  3. Gotenna mesh device is freaking out after [irreversible?] firmware update;
  4. Gotenna emergency device getting STUCK in Emergency Beacon mode spamming emergency messages and clogging channels?
  5. While connection seems better, repeated lost connection requiring hard reboot of remote gotenna relay device after 3 hours;
  6. Emergency Beacon mode failure;
  7. ?6 hop limit imposed on Emergency SOS and beacon shouts?
  8. ?is Gotenna plus sms / text relay being used for Emergency SOS beacon?
  9. ?Still no update on Puerto Rico… still no 300 devices forming “critical backbone” for emergency communications in hardest hit regions. Even after $900,000 in Fed Gov taxpayer money and $16,629 crowd-source donations and $4,000 directly to Gotenna from Puerto Rico disaster relief?
  10. Emergency Beacon broadcast messages NOT showing in notifications or Emergency chat transcript on sending device. (No log, no confirmation, read receipt…nothing).
  11. Where is Puerto Rico on the downloadable maps?? Not included in US? Not worthy of its own Country listing? #NoLove? #PuertoRico
  12. Where can we send logcat? or debug info?gotenna fix #imeshyou #gotenna #txtenna Gotenna @Gotenna https://medium.com/@frankbryan/tldr-gotenna-mesh-emergency-communications-review-2-of-update-5-0-app-and-firmware-80a04375e871

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