Best Field Tech Q-branch Gear on the cheap 2019-2020 / Offgrid and Outdoor Geek’s Gift Guide

  1. Best Phone: Note 8 water-resistant (or Note 4 w removable battery) – both have stylus, the best, biggest, and brightest screen (OLED 1600P 2500×1600 ish), best processor, and best cameras, for half or less the cost of Note 10.  And you still have 3.5mm headphone jack, Gear VR, IR remote, massive storage, ram, sdhc. 5G is still weaksauce for 2020;
  2. Best Smartwatch: Samsung Gear OG 2014 edition Smartwatch with unlocked SIMcard slot for backup calls and internet on ANY network (doubles likelihood of a connection) has best, biggest, brightest oled screen wide enough to swype type on or watch youtube, respond to email/text;… etc. OR Samsung Galaxy Watch 2019 LTE has much longer battery life, waterproof, rugged milspecish, and louder speakerphone (BUT NO SIM CARD – carrier locked? tiny ass screen, can’t type for shit? must be used on same provider as phone, negating backup / meta signal diversity?; Or Apple Watch if heart condition or prone to falls …
  3. Best Tablet: Note 10.1 (2014 version) has stylus and best display ever made 2500×1600 ish in a tablet … Why won’t Samsung release a badass new, 4K tablet with stylus / Spen and SILO, for art / video / photo editing?
  4. Best Bang For the Buck, reliable Drone: DJI Mavic Pro / Max / Zoom 2 / IR if need long range / sar / any weather 4K OR just a tiny DJI Mavic Mini for tiny, portable, cheaper, 2.7K stuff at about $400.
  5. Best Bang For the Buck, No Contract, CHEAP Global Comms: Garmin InReach Explorer bluetooth satphone gateway paired with any phone to send text via iridium satellite network pretty much anywhere in the world regardless of local comms / grid-down;
  6. Best Local OffGrid Comms: GoTenna Pro X if you are .gov and need ATAK; PRO if you don’t; AND a few GoTenna mesh to handout to nontechnicals / volunteers / community members. Keep an Eye on Sonnet Labs Mesh in Q2 for mesh with voice and text / gps / pictures and long range wifi.

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